We should close down schools – NAGRAT PRESIDENT encourages Government

The president of the National Association of Graduates (NAGRAT), Mr Angel Carbonu has encouraged the government to close down schools.

Following recent developments in some Senior High Schools, Mr Carbonu feels it is the best action to be taken. Furthermore, when he was speaking on Eyewitness of Citi FM, he intimated that this had been their position earlier on.

However, with the recent happenings in schools like Accra Girls Senior High School and Wesley Senior High School in Kumasi, Mr Carbonu feels it is the best action to be taken if the government wants to fight against the spread of the virus.

“It sounds like what we foresaw is, unfortunately, coming to bear. The fact of the matter is that Accra Girls is not the only Senior High School in this country, they do not operate in isolation and the students do not come from isolated geographical entities so only God knows what the situation may be in other Senior High Schools.”

Furthermore, he also added that the schools are made up of different people and to prevent an astronomical spread, which they foresaw and are gradually coming true, the government must bite the bullet and close down schools.

“From where I sit now before we get to a point where we cannot control, I think we should bite the bullet and close down the schools. That is my personal opinion. The way things are going, I can assure you the story is not looking too pleasant” he added.

Close Schools down as protests keep increasing across some schools over concerns of Covid-19

However, yesterday, 7th July, 2020, one student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Senior High School died as it was alleged that school authorities neglected him. However, some KNUST SHS students give a blow by blow account of how their colleague died.

According to the students, out of fear that the boy was suspected to have contracted Covid-19, he was left unattended, and in the care of his colleagues for nearly three hours.

In a news report on Joy News, and monitored by obcommunication.com, one of the students who spoke with Luv FM’s, Erastus Donkor narrated that one of their mates was sick, but no school authority attended to him.

KNUST SHS students narrate how one of their colleague died. Abgel Carbonu says schools must close down.
KNUST SHS students on rampage following the death of one of their students

“ One of our mates was sick and he was left to his fate to survive on his own because of the fear of coronavirus. Nobody attended to him” the student told Erastus.

Furthermore, another also indicated that he was ill and wasn’t showing any signs since morning till about afternoon time when he clutched onto his stomach and started vomiting.

“He was ill, he wasn’t showing any signs since morning but later in the afternoon around 3 o’clock he started vomiting because he had some stomach ache,” one student recounted.

Sadly though, the students alleged that they rushed the said Business student to the classroom block, but apparently the teachers were quite apprehensive in taking him to the hospital.

“Then we rushed him to the classroom blocks but it seems the teachers were only waiting for his parents to come so that they could take him to the hospital. He was there for close to three hours before his dad came to pick him up.”

As a result, this resulted in mayhem as the KNUST SHS students also destroyed the windscreen of the Headmistress’ Kia Picanto car who had appeared at the scene after he had died.


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